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Spay and Neuter Benefits
Spay and Neuter Your Pets! In addition to saving lives.Spaying and neutering can also drastically improve your pet's health and life expectancy

Safe Diets & Care for your pet.
Tips on keeping your pets healthy

The importance of playtime for cats
when you look at what cats do in the wild it is obvious why they need to play. They sleep about 18-20 hours per day and when they're awake .they need the excercise that play provides.

A Home for Peper
After graduating from ant farm to gold fish and thereafter a hamster, one fine day my eight year old nephew, Michael declared that he was now ready to take on the responsibilty.

Top 10 Pet Health Tips
Adopt a Shelter Pet ?

A little history on the founder Maria Brittis

How does a mother of three have time to run a non profit organization especially in a state that the rate of euthanization is one of the highest in the united states and stay calm.

I moved here from New York with my husband and three kids. My husband was transferred to Hilton Head, South Carolina, so i had the luxury to do some volunteer work. Being an animal lover who had lived on a farm during my childhoods i decided to volunteer
at the Humane Society of Hilton Head, the only no kill animal shelter in South Carolina. The Shelter was always full and during may occassion we had to send many animals away which was sad, because the only other shelters were Kill shelters.

I decided to establish a foster program at the shelter, so when there was no room i would call a list of families that would house the animal until an opening came at the shelter. It worked well and still does.

I left the Hilton Head Humane shelter and felt my work was done there and wanted to open another branch of the shelter in another area, but because of lack of funds it was not possible.
I than thought long and hard and felt that to make a difference is to get to the root of the problem and thats through Spay and Neutering.

I set up the nonprofit organization and raised funds for the medical equipment. I found a local mobil vet who did not have equipment who agreed to the spay and neuter in exchange for use of the equipment. It was a great deal for both involved and since 2002 we have spayed and neuter over 1000 animals in South Carolina and going strong.
We have other programs such as grants which have been awarded to our organization for individuals to take their pet to their local participating vet, here we can get other vets involved in the low cost spay and neuter program.
My goal is to set up programs around the country for rescues and individuals interested in opening a spay and neuter program or clinic and don't know how. That is why many people get scared away because they feel its alot of paper work.

But it really is not that bad if you have some volunteers to help you along the way. You really only need one volunteer to help in the beginning stages.



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