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Cats Benefits from Sleep
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Spay and Neuter Benefits
Spay and Neuter Your Pets! In addition to saving lives. Spaying and neutering can also drastically improve your pet's health and life expectancy

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Tips on keeping your pets healthy

The importance of playtime for cats
when you look at what cats do in the wild it is obvious why they need to play. They sleep about 18-20 hours per day and when they're awake .they need the excercise that play provides.

A Home for Peper
After graduating from ant farm to gold fish and thereafter a hamster, one fine day my eight year old nephew, Michael declared that he was now ready to take on the responsibilty.

Top 10 Pet Health Tips
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When you look at what cats do in the wild it is obvious why they need to play. They sleep about 18-20 hours per day and when they're awake, they need the exercise that play provides. In the wild, when they aren't sleeping, lions and tigers and
other wild cats are stalking and hunting their prey or teaching their young to do so. Some benefits of play:

Exercise is vital for keeping your cat healthy and sane. Playing with your cat and having your cat romp around with others is a perfect way for your cat to get exercise.

· Release of Anxiety
Anxiety and stress are as harmful to cats as they are to the rest of us. Cats especially, being naturally curious, can get depressed and lethargic. Just think of that old adage about a new kitten livening up the old grumpy cat!

Relief of Boredom
Cats need some sort of challenge every day. Watch a cat try to grab at a ball that is spinning around randomly in a circle. He is concentrating so hard that a simple movement of your foot can send him skyrocketing into the air. Whether he is looking out the window at chattering birds, or chasing a feather stick, he loves and needs to play.

Feel Good
Play, by definition, is something to make whomever is playing feel good. And your cat deserves to feel good, doesn't he?

Bonding With Other Cats or Animals in the House
Cats chase other cats, cats entice dogs to chase after them, and cats even chase dogs in some households! This type of behavior provides much-needed bonding. Playing with your cat can even bond him to you - and who couldn't stand more bonds in their lives?

How to Provide Play for Your Felines
Usually, cats enjoy playing both inside the house and outdoors. There are a variety of ways that you can make playtime, inside or out, more fun for your cat..

Look through the toy section to find something your cat can swat at. Da Bird Toy is one of our most popular items. It provides exercise and entertainment for you and your cat. We're not sure who enjoys them more - cats or their owners!

A cat tree is a perfect place for a puss to perch to lay in wait for another cat - or even the dog! Anything that towers over the rest of the home's inhabitants will do. Window perches are especially popular since they allow kitty to see all that nature affords.

Catnip is in a category by itself. It can entertain the cat and the rest of the household! Who knows what's going through your cat's mind once he smells that potent odor and wants to bathe his entire body in it!

Use an enclosure such as the Pet Playpen or the Kittywalk to keep your cat safe from wildlife and wildlife safe from your cat. He can sniff all there is to sniff, chase insects, and watch feathered friends and you'll always know exactly where he is. Every cat is different of course, and what works for one may not work for another - sometimes even in a multiple cat household! But by careful observation any cat owner - or rather anyone that is owned by a cat - can provide Nirvana to his favorite feline friend!

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Purchase Fuller Brush Products and a portion of the sale will help spay and neuter a needy pet.

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